What Buck learned from Kristen Lamb

Hi Buck DE Boey here to entertain you. Author, Writer, Backpacker, World
traveler, Face book, Kristen Lamb disciple, Blogger, Explorer, Budget Traveler,

My wife, Sonja, read Kristen Lamb’s book, ‘Are You There?  It’s Me Writer’!   Before I read her informative book, I was too
busy writing the next, world’s best selling fiction novel “to be”.  Sonja tried and tried to convince me that joining the social media and blogging was just as important as writing.  She went as far as putting it on me E reader
where I was sure to see it and there it sat until I ran out of sample books to
read and then I tripped and fell into the social media pool at the deep
end.  Now I am learning to dog paddle. I
finished reading Kristen Lamb’s informative book, ‘Are You There?’   and
called my wife (my most enthusiastic supporter) at her work place.  Over the phone, she could hear my dogs
talking in the background.  They get
jealous when I talk on the phone.  I work
at a dog day care kennel, another of my great loves.

If you are an Author, which I am (this is another line I purloined
from Kristen Lamb); working with dogs is very rewarding.  You can read to them that which you have
written and their feedback is always positive.
They show their appreciation of your writing expertise with a nuzzle on
the cheek or a jump into your lap to give you a big sloppy kiss.  This goes a long way towards helping you love

Back to my subject!  I
told Sonja, my true love, that I needed to start blogging, to start posting, to
start reading blogs from others and all the other things of which I am totally
ignorant, which incidentally is what she was talking about in the first place.
(See how smart I became?) Sonja laughs at me when I try something complicated
like retrieving a “missed message” on my telephone.  You may have guessed, I am not an IT
expert.  She on the other hand is deep
into the new world of electronic miracles.
Well, here I am in the deep end of the pool learning to dog paddle to
the other side.  Come on it, the water’s
fine.  A little chilly at first but after
a strenuous mental workout the mind starts to warm up.

When Sonja returns home from work tonight she has promised
to set up all the things on my computer that I don’t know about and then I will
meet all of you somewhere in Cyber space.

PS.  Next I am going
to read, “We are not alone” by Kristen Lamb,
I already bought my shades which Kristen
Lamb suggested I do before reading her book.


About Buck de boey

Just started to learn about the blogosphere and want to check out wordpress. Did not have any luck with blogger.com, but might very well be because I am a newbie and don't really know what I am doing. Hope to find friends
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3 Responses to What Buck learned from Kristen Lamb

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  2. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Welcome to a minefield! Enjoy!

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