A new adventure; Blogging

Hi Buck DE Boey here. Author, writer, backpacker, world traveler, Face book, Kristen Lamb disciple, Blogger, explorer, budget traveler,

This is my second blog, the first was checking out fellow back packers in various places around the world. I mentioned Thailand where I spent 12 glorious years enjoying the beach and working, Africa, 5 years, Germany 5 years, Belgium 5 years….. Sounds like I am a permanent ex pat from the U S of A but I am back now in my native country. It was all low budget survival so I had to work here and there or quit traveling. One has to be very frugal or quit traveling. I crossed paths with many of you and would like to hear about your travels in far off places. I have many cherished friends in Thailand, who have managed to stay, which I have recently re-contacted through Face Book. The pictures of them today that they have posted, bring back many precious memories.

Finding work in foreign climes is a full time job. I would be happy to share some of my successes with anyone out there. I am sure that you, like me have many interesting antidotes to share.

To Thailand, We brought our Rottie, (Rottweiler), which was a big mistake. The Muslim population of which there are many in Thailand, disapproves of dogs but he was so sweet that everyone who got to know him, loved him but for the most part we decided that it is not a good idea to travel with a dog. We loved our dog so much that it would not have been possible to travel without him so the problems we encountered were worth the trouble.

The prices we hear, have doubled in Thailand, No surprise here, since we were there but you can still search out some cheap accommodations with a little help from locals and fellow travelers.

That’s all for now you lovely people hope to write again soon. Buck


About Buck de boey

Just started to learn about the blogosphere and want to check out wordpress. Did not have any luck with blogger.com, but might very well be because I am a newbie and don't really know what I am doing. Hope to find friends
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