So exciting… new….so daunting

Hi, Buck De Boey here! Have you ever felt lost in a crowd? Africa has ways to engage the creativity in us but it also has a way to bury our significance.

Trying to find a fortune among the less fortunate seems to be the wrong way to go but that’s where the diamonds were. No one was there to make my dreams come true, so tell me how do you turn defeat into success? I never found out but then I did not have the social media to help me with all of you give me advice. Our friends need a way to reach us. This author spent 5 years among the warm and caring people of Sierra Leone, Africa. The problems encountered in the pursuit of my dreams would fill books. One of which I will finish soon.

Tell me, when did our paths cross? This time I was in search of diamonds and you were in search of your dreams. Was it Germany, Belgium, Thailand or Africa? Were you there? I had to work like tens of thousands of other backpackers in order to survive. Please let me know your stories of survival where ever you were. Did you capture your dream, if only for a brief interval of time? The individuals in the back packer army were the real adventures of our day. They went without fear to as many countries as you can name and survived to find the dreams they pursued. I met them and became one of them in many countries,. They became part and parcel of the local fabric without destroying it. They flowed and worked and loved in all of their destinations. I am proud to be one of them. It took me thirty years of travelling to slow down enough to write a book. Now I need all of the help that you can give me in retrieving my experiences. Social Media has come along just in time to open the world for writers and I really embrace it. Most of all I thank Kristen Lamb ‘’’’’’’’’for opening my eyes so that I can find my way forward.



About Buck de boey

Just started to learn about the blogosphere and want to check out wordpress. Did not have any luck with, but might very well be because I am a newbie and don't really know what I am doing. Hope to find friends
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